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bright young things student led marketing agency at the university of brighton

Who are Bright Young Things?

Bright Young Things is a marketing agency based in Brighton with one unique characteristic. All the account teams are run by marketing, PR and business students studying at the University of Brighton.

So what benefit does this bring your business?
By being able to work with young, professional students, you get brand new insights and creative ideas to business problems you want to solve and objectives you want to achieve. Bring fresh perspectives from a diverse range of students means you can generate ideas that may have never crossed your mind before. You can also be assured that the students’ strategies have a strong level of academic underpinning helping to make them effective and relevant to your business goals.
The young professionals also have fantastic skills for reviewing and diagnosing existing campaigns and problems in order to suggest ways to make optimisations and improvements for your business.

It is also no secret that the younger generations are far quicker at picking up new technology and becoming very proficient with it. This is the case with our students who are very tech savvy with skills in photography, video production, graphic design, website design, social media and so much more!
With the vast array of skills available, we can craft a team to suit your particular project or objectives. So why not get in touch and see what we can do together?

Ready for Fresh, Young Minds to Solve Your Problems?​

Who do we work with?

And what do they say about us?

Party Pub Hire

You wont ever have seen anything as cool as this …. a giant inflatable pub. And if you have seen it, you know what we are talking about.

Think of the best bouncy castle ever and add in a bar, and we have been creating content for them including social media posts, videos and photography, a bit of influencer outreach, press contact and a some sales work.  We don’t want to over inflate this but it’s an amazing concept and we want one, now, in our canteen.

Whale Fest

A three day festival as part of the ‘wild and free’ campaign, we supported the event in Brighton by implementing a fully integrated social media campaign, engaging with press and journalists and targeted promotions to school and youth groups.

We even implemented an ‘on street’ awareness campaign that included the use of a life sized inflatable Orca touring round the local area and encouraging people to get their ‘whalefie’.

Brighton Fringe Academy

In support of the performers at the Fringe festival, we run a series of workshops and seminars on marketing and promotion. The aim is to help and support the performers promote and PR their shows with some of us occasionally undertaking some consultancy work for them on a one to one basis.

Sessions we have covered include finding your target audience, social media and low cost / no cost promotions.

So Are You Ready to Get Started?

Our Services


This can be for a new start up, product or even just a rebrand to freshen up your business appearance. We have quality graphic design students who can the tools and the skills to create something meaningful.

Product Launches

Making sure your new product launch goes off without a hitch. We can assist with planning, execution and measurement to make it as impactful as possible.

Future Proofing

This involves looking beyond the short term view of your company. It focuses on future trends and changes in consumer behaviour and how your business can adapt to thrive going forward.

Events Management

From helping you promote the event to calculating attendance on the day to even helping you build GDPR compliant email lists for future events, we can do it all.

Audience Building

This service is all about getting your company more a bigger audience, more followers and greater engagement with online posts. Beginning to build your tribe!

Digital Presence Design

This involves creating the best user experience across all your digital channels. Since consumers are moving to digital platforms, you need to look and perform your best online and we can help you do just that.

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